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Critically clean processing equipment, whether it be labware, glassware, instrumentation, or processing and extraction equipment, is vital.  The potency, purity and quality, essential characteristics of any drug, rely on critically clean surfaces.  Cannabis is no different, and in fact, likely more difficult than traditional drug and food manufacturing.  Waxy, resin, oily and sticky residues abound which can be highly adherent, difficult to emulsify, and just a plain challenge to remove.

Aqueous detergents that are not only effective, but end-user safe, aqueous, free-rinsing, interfering residue-free, biodegradable, and without any added dyes, fragrances, brighteners or softeners.  In other words, maintaining the whole reason why cannabis, and its “natural” state is sought after.

Alconox Inc has been in labs and processing facilities for decades.  So no surprise, we are already being used for cleaning of cannabis manufacturing and laboratory residue across the globe.  Some of the more commonly used Alconox Inc. detergents are below:

  • Detonox®: The flagship alkaline detergent for the difficult cannabis, botanical, CBD and other oils and residues to be removed in ultrasonic cleaning, scrubbing and soaking.
  • Alcojet®: Powdered alkaline cleaner for lab scale washers.
  • Alconox®: A precision cleaner, powdered detergent used for laboratory equipment.
  • Liquinox®: For ultrasonic process, oil removal during instrument cleaning and validation.
  • Tergazyme®: For cleaning biologic buildup in irrigation cleans and other organic and proteinaceous residues.
  • Citranox®: Cleaning of scale and inorganic buildup in irrigation lines.
  • Keylajet®: High Alkaline Low-foaming detergent for automated large scale washers and clean-in-place operations for the most challenging cannabis and botanical residues.

For detergent selection guidance please review our Detergent Selection Guide.

Learn more about our approach to Critical Cleaning in the Cannabis industry in our Tech Brief below.

Before & After

Before: Sticky waxes and resins, dirt, bacteria, reagents, reaction products and residues can adhere to glassware.

After: Detonox® and Keylajet® detergents get cannabis and related botanical soils out, leaving no interfering residue. Surfaces stay clear, clean and pure.